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John Saxton (in the straw hat) talks to onlookers and enthusiasts about his Pantera at the 2014 All Ford Show in James S. This multinational gem was designed by famed Dutch-American auto designer Tom Tjaarda. The beautiful, sleek body was pay day loans hammered out in Italy by Ghia Marcello Gandini and the heart of the beast was the venerable Ford 351 Cleveland V-8. Ford discontinued production of the 351 pay day loans in the Cash advance loans.

Interestingly, the Aussie-built engines were tuned in Switzerland (you have to wonder if the tuning was done by a watch maker).

In a 2009 article about Gandini in Automobile magazine, Robert Cumberford wrote, "Teenage boys in the 1970s tended to have two dramatic posters on their bedroom walls: Farrah Fawcett and the Lamborghini Countach.

When the Pantera first hit the U. The first one I saw was in downtown Chicago while I was attending the annual Consumer Electronics Show. This particular example was drenched in bright yellow paint and looked stunning.

I can still remember the exhaust note of that 351 Cleveland as the spent gas made its way through the short, well-tuned exhaust system and out the four large, chrome-plated tips which pointed upward to the sky. The symphony was outstanding as the melody echoed off the nearby skyscrapers.

In slightly over two decades of production, only 7,260 units made their way out the doors of the Modena, Italy plant. Of those, only about 5,500 made their way to Lincoln-Mercury showrooms throughout the U.

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